Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dress Your Age

This may come as a shock to some of you avid CSPAN viewers, but DC is not a fashion capitol. It is in fact, the exact opposite of one. Of course there is a DC style - but it is usually pretty bad. Like any high school, there are prototypes to which most people adhere. There are the Hill folk who suit up daily. But not good suits - usually cheap ones. In fact, this guy in my complex who works on the Hill does the sport coat and pants thing. So, he either doesn't match (I swear, one day he wore a brown jacket with black pants) or he looks like a security guard. The Hill can be amusing in the summer though - it is searsucker and bowtie season (well, for the R's at least).

Then, you have the students who look like all the worst frat stereotypes. It's like there is this uniform for the boys of khaki shorts, button up shirts and brown flip flops. Consindering some of the universities in the area, it is no surprise that there is a douche dress code. There is no uniform for the girls. But, let's just say about 15% of female students in DC appear to understand what size they should be wearing. Ladies, sometimes bigger is better.

I will not even dignify the horrific wardrobe of the tourist with a description.

Then there are the downtowners. I would argue a good percentage of the people who work downtown dress relatively well. But, I am noticing an increasing number of people who seem to think they are 20 years older or younger than they are. Note: dressing from the juniors section in your 50s - not cute. Conversely, dressing like Mrs. Doubtfire in your 30s - also not cute.

Personally, I love dressing young while I am young. But I understand that Theory and BCBG are not really designed for the mature woman. I also understand that I am too young to pull off Chico's or St. John (and I am waaaay too poor for St. John). Flaunt it while you got it and hide it when time and gravity give you too much of it.


  1. im so totally offended!! i own st. john apparel, and ive even tried pawning some of it off to elle, but of course she always refuses... lame

  2. there is a georgetown girl late-summer/early fall uniform:

    boring a-line dress in neutral dark color (black, brown, navy)
    metallic jack rogers sandals
    longchamp handbags of varying size and color for that added "punch" of individuality

    i want to stab them all with my inappropriate-on-the-cobbled-streets four inch stilettos.