Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It Ain't Easy Being Green

I am having a crisis of green. See, I am definitely not one of those super crunchy people who makes their own compost and uses recycled toilet paper. However, I try to do little things. I recycle, I reuse paper and plastic bags, I opt for tupperware and canvas grocery bags to cut back on trash, and I use kitty litter made of corn for our cat. I also, until recently, relyed pretty much solely on public transportation to get me to work each day. But then, my fiance started working downtown as well. And, since the shuttle that picks us up from Metro at our complex stops running at 7:10 and he is working in a law firm, making that last shuttle isn't always feasible. So, we explored driving to work. And it is heaven!

We only live about 5 miles from where we work, so even with heavy traffic it's like 20-25 minutes door-to-door. On the shuttle, it is closer to 40 door-to-door AND we have to listen to the annoying shuttle driver prattle on about his dwindling bank account or his crazy night out - not to mention the hell that is Metro at commute hours. We also both have the luxury of leaving work when we want and not having to wait longer for the Metro after 7:00 pm or worrying about how to get home if we miss the shuttle.

But, then there's the environmental impact. It's true that we do carpool, but Metro is certainly the greener option. So I guess my crisis boils down to how much I care. Should I prioritize my convenience or the planet? It's really a tough call.

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  1. You don't need to get into an existential crisis over this... unless you guys are driving a high-emission, gas guzzling dumptruck or something. In that case, then you're going to hell... or Al Gore's basement. Whichever comes first.