Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Keep Honking, It'll Help. Really.

So as I was crossing Washington Circle to get to the Metro today (for those non-DC folks, there are a number of traffic circles in DC with stop lights that mostly exist to facilitate pedestrian crossing. However, those lights give pedestrians like 20 seconds of less to cross and take forever to change), a DC sightseeing bus ran the red light. The guy held up his hand as if to say, "wait your turn", but IT WAS MY TURN. After he finally was through and I resumed crossing, a woman in a van almost hit me and several other pedestrians. We all held up our hands as if to say, "Lady, what the f***?!" and she held hers up. SHE HAD A VERY RED LIGHT! And she looked at us like we were doing something wrong.

But, that story actually was not the point of my post. The point is, as I was waiting to cross like 7 people were honking at the stopped traffic. Typically, if traffic is stopped, it will not be solved by honking. And, even if it could be, do multiple people honking solve the problem that many times faster?! Let me answer my own question. No, just NO!

So, do the world a favor. Use the horn for its intended purpose: as a warning of your presence or an impending collision. Not as an extension of your anger management issues.

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