Thursday, March 11, 2010

What is Still Wrong with Tyra Banks?

Cycle 14 of ANTM premiered this week, and it seems like the standard fair. Tyrant still dresses like a mental patient and overuses the term "fierce" to the point that if it ever had a meaning, it would have lost all of it. There are so many teen mothers in this Top Model pool you'd think she was running a halfway house instead of a modeling competition.

There are the clueless hood rats - in fact, one of them actually referred to herself as "classy ghetto." Yeah, because such a thing exists. There are the powder keg girls who explode seemingly for no reason. Okay, those are the same girls are the clueless hood rats. Interestingly though, they are not the teen mothers. In fact, two of the teen moms claim to have gotten knocked up from their first time, and are more bumpkin than hood rat. Seriously, the only things these girls know how to model are the stereotypes they represent.

All in all, the season promises to be kinda boring, but I will make sure to keep watching - just in case something interesting or original actually happens.


  1. ok, I'm finally getting around to watching this...and I'm not too too far in, admittedly, but seriously, why are all of these hos having babies the first time they have sex? Like, I get that you're southern and Christian--I went to that high school, too. But you have a drug store with condoms and Plan B and all kinds of exciting things, even if you can't get to the gyno for standard BC.

    As for "fierce" and other catchphrases (I love Tim Gunn, but "make it work" doesn't need to be every other phrase out of his mouth) as PR chick, I get that it's branding and message consistency that creates an association every time you hear it...but there's a fine line, and it's waaaaaaay behind ANTM. I haven't heard "smize" yet, and I better not, because they killed it dead last season.

    Last and never least, for serious on the demographics. And even the hood rats are from the south. The only people who still want to be America's Next Top Model are people, why?!

    I will say though, I actually dig Tyra's styling thus far.

  2. How did you not mention Perez Hilton absolutely BUTCHERING the pronunciation of Madame Tussaud's?!

  3. You are so right! I totally dropped the ball on that one. He was ridic. And who cares if he blogs about lame Rumor Willis.