Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2009 Was a Bad Year...For Movies

Sure, Time called 2009 the end of the decade from hell...but they didn't even mention how bad the movies were. One of my favorite holidays, the Golden Globes, took place on Sunday. Usually this is something I prepare for, like some sort of sport (award shows and Restaurant Week are the closest I get), but this year I didn't get around to looking at the nominees until right before the awards. I was horrified when I finally went to fill out my ballot...

The Proposal?!?! It's Complicated?! Hell, The Hangover?! I loved The Hangover. I laughed the whole way through. It was really funny. But is this an award winning film? Really? In that case, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and 40 Year-Old Virgin were totally robbed. And do I really have to live in a world where Sandra Bullock won a Golden Globe for playing the mother of every guy on my high school football team, but slightly less racist? If she wins an Oscar, I swear to god...

Speaking of the Oscars, the Academy this year returns to their old format of nominating 10 films for the Best Picture category. Here's my question: what fucking films? Can't we just mail the statue to James Cameron and save ourselves the time and energy?


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  3. if avatar wins best picture, i'll eat my hat.

  4. Predicting a Hurt Locker upset?